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We Represent Several Foreign Governments

Among our distinguished clients, our firm is on retainer as counsel for the Republics of Mexico and Colombia. We also routinely provide legal advice to the Consulates of Poland, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Ecuador and Peru. For testimonials by Consuls, read more...

Who We Are

Kerosky Purves & Bogue is an experienced and respected law firm that provides reliable, creative and practical legal services for businesses and individuals for over 25 years.

Our firm is very active in Russian, Polish, Irish, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, and Chinese communities.

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Our diverse team of attorneys and legal professionals come from many countries and communicate with clients in their native languages.

We have offices in San Francisco, Santa Rosa, Sacramento, Walnut Creek, Ukiah and Napa County.
We are your advocatesWe speak Russian, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French and Japanese!
San Francisco (415) 777 4445| Walnut Creek (925) 222 5074| Sacramento (916) 349 2900| Santa Rosa (707) 433 2060 Napa (707) 224 2722 | Ukiah 707 224 2722| San Jose (408) 963-0355 |